Commercial Services we offer

Ship Maintenance

Commercial diving is the technique of placing and supporting a worker underwater in a safe and efficient manner. Unlike recreational diving where a diver is primarily responsible for his/her own actions and safety, commercial diving involves a team of people mutually responsible for each other while performing work or tasks. Our certified and trained workers are equipped to perform this.

Underwater ship maintenance, cleaning & repairs. Inspections required for ABS, BV, DNV certifications. Pipeline Inspection and Repairs. Air, mixed gas and saturation diving. Hull Cleaning.Underwater drilling, blasting and excavation. Survey and salvage operations. Underwater cutting and welding services . The placement and cleaning of dam gate grooves. Cable Laying and Repair. Anode Installaltions. Sealing of water leakages for Hydro power projects and Irrigation projects. Ship Damage assessment. Anchor Chain installation and maintenance.


Recreational diving

A good start for the beginner in search of underwater diving experience. Meet our Certified trainers or call us .We can help you.

Offshore Operations

Offshore divers are probably the most common commercial divers and work on oil platforms and carriers with the majority of the work focused on servicing the oil and gas industry.

Marine Salvage Services

Our dive crews have successfully conducted Salvage and recovery of sunken vessels, barges, large fishing vessels, dredges.

Marine Construction Services

We provide trained certified welders, for crane, barge and fabrication services . Also conduct all types of pipeline inspection, cleaning, repair & maintenance.