Be a Certified Scuba Diver FAQs

Why learn to dive with Neel Diving ?.

Most flexible schedule of Scuba Diving courses to choose from - Weekend, Evening, Daytime and Private. All PADI manuals and the full set of Open Water DVD's are yours to keep.

How do i learn to SCUBA DIVE ?.

Scuba certification includes three phases

1. Knowledge Development.

2. Confined Water Dives.

4. Open Water Dives

During the first phase of your scuba lessons, you'll learn the basic principles of scuba diving such as

What to consider when you are planning dives.

How to choose the right scuba gear for you.

Underwater signals and other diving procedures.

Next you'll develop basic scuba skills in a pool or in confined water –

Thirdly you'll you'll head to "open water," where you and your instructor will make four dives, usually over two days.

Do i have to be a swimmer?

You need to have basic swim skills and be able to comfortably maintain yourself in the water. Your PADI Instructor will assess this by having you: to swim 200 metres/yards (or 300 metres/yards in mask, fins and snorkel). There is no time limit for this, and you may use any swimming strokes you want.

How long does it take to get certified. ?

It’s possible to complete your confined and open water dives in three or four days by completing the knowledge development portion online via PADI eLearning.

Your PADI Instructor will focus on helping you become a confident and comfortable diver, not on how long it takes.

What gear should i use to Scuba Dive ?

Your local PADI Dive Center will help you find the right gear. Each piece of scuba equipment has a different function so that together, it adapts you to the underwater world.

When you start learning to scuba dive, as a minimum, you'll want your own:




What are the common injuries related scuba diving ?

Sunburn, seasickness and dehydration, all of which are preventable, are the most common problems divers face. Injuries caused by marine life, such as scrapes and stings, do occur, but these can be avoided by wearing an exposure suit, staying off the bottom and watching where you put your hands and feet.

How deep can you go scuba diving in the water ?

Beginning scuba divers stay shallower than about 18 metres/60 feet.