The islands of Lakshadweep are surrounded by large lagoons of spectacular beauty. The blue waters encircling the islands offer a feast for the eyes of the visitors with its wealth of colorful coral reefs that are habitats for shoals of colorful fishes. One of the greatest joys of holidaying in Lakshadweep is the opportunity to go SCUBA diving. The joy of going underwater and being amongst coral reefs and surreal streams of richly colorful fishes surrounding you is something to behold and enjoy. You can go island hopping on boats and watch manta rays or even sharks in their natural habitats.
Destination: Lakshadweep Island

Water Sports / Activities Rate Sheet

Sl.No Activity Rate in
of the activity
1 Kayak/Canoe (Single) 200.00 30 Minutes
2. Kayak/Canoe(Double) 300.00 30 Minutes
3. Snorkeling trip (Per person) 300.00 60 Minutes
4. Windsurf 1000.00 60 Minutes
5. Water Ski 1000.00 20 Minutes
6. Parasail 2000.00 20 Minutes
7. Traditional Fishing (Per person) 2000.00 3 Hours
8. Traditional Fishing (Per Trip) 4000.00 3 Hours
9. Night time lagoon Fishing (Per person) 1000.00 3 Hours
10. Night time lagoon Fishing (Per Trip) 4000.00 3 Hours
11. Glass Bottomed Boat Joyride (Subject to minimum of 4 pax) 1200.00 60 Minutes
12. Speed boat joyride (per person subject to minimum of 4 pax) 1000.00 20 Minutes
13. Banana boat joyride 300.00 20 Minutes
14. Yacht/Sailboat joyride (per person) 750.00 1 Hours
15. Yacht/Sailboat joyride (per person) 1500.00 1 Hours
16. Jet Ski joyride (Per boat) 750.00 10 Minutes

Recreational / fun Dive

1. Discover Scuba (Confined water dive) 1000.00 20 Minutes
2. Discover Scuba Diving (Confined water + Open water upto 6 meter depth) 1000.00 20 Minutes
3. Open water Dive (Only for certified divers- up to 18 meters) 3000.00 45 Minutes

(Some activities give above are subject to weather condition)
Kindly note all the below mentioned rates are 2 year old rate, if any hike in this time the same will be applicable